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Welcome to my craft pages. Click the images below to visit the different pages of thumbnails. Clicking a thumbnail on the following pages will take you to a larger, detailed picture. Thanks for visiting!!!

Please note: I am in the process of moving my pictures to http://photos.yahoo.com/craftymainer422, this is where my more recent pictures can be found.

This page is full of crazy quilt items most embellished with silk ribbon embroidery and crochet items.

This page features crocheted items such as Irish crocheted flowers, filet crochet, baskets, and fans.

This page is devoted to cross stitch. That was my first needle art before I broke out into silk ribbon embroidery.

I tend to start small. This page of silk ribbon embroidery is mainly barrettes, pins, necklaces and such.

This silk ribbon page has the bigger stuff. Designs on bags, book covers, and even a vest.